6 Treats Your Bakery Needs this Fall

Fall is upon us once again! As a baker who runs their own bakery, you know just how important this season is to your business. Fall treats are seasonal yet come in a wide variety of delectable and enticing flavors, shapes, sizes, glazes, and much more. People may look forward to the leaves changing, but they also can’t wait for the desserts to change, too!

That is why you need to prepare yourself for the “gourds” of customers that will undoubtedly be coming your way this autumn. In order to do so, you need to be sure that you have the right amount of wholesale baking ingredients ready and raring to go.

When looking for wholesale baking ingredients and supplies, look no further than our offerings here at Stover & Company Inc. We have a wide range of products that are of the highest quality from the finest brands. Anything you need from preparing to bake and decorating your edible creations, we have it all for you.

Now that you have found the best wholesale bakery supplier on the market, let’s have a look at what desserts you should have available in your bakery for your hungry customers this fall.

1. Apple Cider and Pumpkin Spice Donuts

These are two of the most popular fall treats that you need to have available in your bakery every day during autumn: apple cider and pumpkin spice donuts. These delicious and heartwarming treats take the two most desirable in-season crops and put them to good use!

You should have apple cider donuts alongside pumpkin spice donuts ready to go in your display case, but also available for order as well because they are just that highly desired! You could opt to make these donuts as their classic flavors or add smooth glazes on top! Or, better yet, prepare all of these options!

2. Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

Not to worry: there are plenty more fun treats you can create with the unique flavor of pumpkin spice! Since everybody loves cupcakes and pumpkin spice, why not try combining the two? Pumpkin spice cupcakes are a treat that can easily be loved by all.

We recommend having them in your display case and on your menu for special orders, as these, too, are an especially sought-after treat that many customers will want on the go or to bring to parties and other such events to share with family and friends.

3. Caramel Apples
We all know that apples are in harvest during the fall, and they can be bought by the bushel at exceptional prices! Try heading to your local apple orchard and buying apples there, then using them to your advantage. One idea is to stick popsicle sticks in them, dip them in caramel, let them harden, and finally have caramel apples!

You can have fun with this option, too, by decorating your caramel apples with sprinklesedible glitter, and other decorations!

4. Apple Pie

What is fall without the famously flavorful and moist apple pie? When you are stocking your offerings with fall-tastic sweets, be sure to add apple pie into the mix! Apple pie is a classic fall dessert that is loved by nearly everyone.

You should definitely have this option in your display case and on your menu for ordering, as many people will undoubtedly be ordering it from you throughout the season. Make sure to also have some homemade ice cream close nearby for a really special treat!

5. Apple Turnovers/Hand Pies

Now, what about those folks who want something more handheld? Apple turnovers to the rescue! Take that bushel of apples you got from your local farm or apple orchard and put it to really good use by putting them into apple turnovers.

These handheld apple pies are perfect for those looking for a slice of apple pie but don’t quite have the time nor space to eat it. These apple turnovers are the best of both worlds. Careful: you might eat one yourself after every time a customer purchases one!

6. Glazed Pumpkin Scones

As a baker, you know just how delicious scones are, but also how easy they are to make! A lot of pastry chefs choose scones to be their go-to when they need something quick yet flavorful to whip up. Now you can take your favorite scone recipe and make it fall-themed. In come glazed pumpkin scones!

When done right, these scones will be loved and enjoyed by anyone who tries them! That glaze will especially combat the dryness that occasionally befalls both pumpkin and scone recipes. It will add sticky and sweet moisture to your unique treat!

Are you ready to properly stock your bakery with the right wholesale baking ingredients for your fall treats? Then feel free to browse our extensive bakery ingredients and supplies and give us a call at 724-274-6314 so we can best help you prepare for the busy fall season! 


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