What to Buy From a Confectionery Supplier

Although you might be more experienced in preparing baked goods, you may be interested in serving up confections as well. These sweet candy treats make a wonderful addition to any bakery because they are so small, delicious, and versatile for use in many of your products. Confections such as candy, chocolates, candied fruits or nuts, and even some types of sugary sweet cakes, can be served up to customers on their own or incorporated into some of your other products. Many people enjoy seeing these kinds of treats as decorative toppers on their other baked goods like cupcakes, or as an element of the recipe itself, being mixed into the batter or used as a filling. If you would like to work with these kinds of treats in your kitchen, you will first need the connection with a helpful confectionery supplier like Stover & Company Let's go over some of the things you will need in order to prepare confection or other treats with confections, and also discuss what these steps have to offer.

Benefits of Making Your Own Confections
Any bakery that produces all of its own candies has the distinction of being able to say that it does so. Most bakeries these days will heavily rely on the use of premade candy purchased from wholesale suppliers, so it will make your shop stand out more right away. Creating your own candy not only gives you this distinction of being a confectionery, but it gives you more control over your recipes and products. You do not have to rely on the recipes and quality provided by other sources when you can create treats from scratch. From the flavors and colors to the texture and formulation, you get to make your products exactly as you would like, so you can make them a perfect fit for whatever you need them for.

Benefits of Purchasing Your Confections
While creating your own confections is a great option, purchasing your candies already prepared certainly has its advantages as well. Purchasing candy premade is much more convenient, allowing you to save time that you would have spent pouring sugar and mixing ingredients. Although there is less control over the finished product, there are many great benefits to using premade candies that we definitely want to acknowledge here. For starters, using candy that has already been created is majorly convenient and a huge time saver. You do not have to go through the trouble of experimenting to formulate new candies and treats, to then prepare them on a somewhat regular basis. You can get the candy once it is already made and use it just as it is. There are lots of options for you to choose from as well, so you get to pick out the exact treat you need for whatever you are working on. Since these confections are prepared by other companies that are dedicated to these kinds of treats, you also get to enjoy the consistency of candy bought from a confectionery supplier. You can feel confident that each treat will be similar to the last and up to the standard to which you have become accustomed. Having all of this done outside of your hands frees up your time and energy, allowing you to focus on other projects in the kitchen, which is especially helpful if your passions or talents lie in other areas of the culinary arts such as baking and cake decorating. You can set aside any concerns you have about preparing your confections by relieving this burden from your plate and trusting in a professional confectionery supplier to provide you with what you need and want for your baked treats.


Confectionery Supplies
Once you determine how you want to work with confections at your bakery, you can then get settled on a list of supplies you will need in order to get everything you want done. A well-rounded confectionery supplier should be able to provide you with plenty of supplies to either create your own treats or pick out the premade ones you want to work with. We have plenty of products available either way, so you can look at the options at Stover & Co and find what you need. Making your own confections could involve ingredients like chocolatescandy meltsmixed nuts, and plenty of sugar. We also have a mix of chopped up and crushed candy, which is great for use as mix-ins and fillings for cake batters or as sweet decorations.

While you are considering all of the possibilities for sweet confections at your shop, you will want a solid idea of where you can get all of the things you need to make your products take form. We offer a wide selection of cake and confectionery supplies, so you should be able to find everything you need right here in one convenient place.


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