4 Types of Bulk Baking Supplies Your Kitchen Needs

As you prepare yourself for another order of wholesale baking supplies, you want to really stop and consider the supplies you might be forgetting about. It would be a pain in the neck to realize you forgot something in your previous order just as you run out of something essential. Let’s go over a few types of bulk baking supplies your kitchen needs, aside from the more obvious supplies like baking powder and sugar. Here are some other essential bakery supplies you want for your shop.

Decorative Ingredients

There is quite a bit of room to play with decorative ingredients in baking, partially because you have so many options, but also because each ingredient can be used in any number of ways based on your creativity. Decorating supplies include the more common ones like frostings, different colored fondant, piping gel, and sprinkles. These will likely be your most-used supplies since they are popular for use on birthday cakes, cupcakes, and wedding cakes. Some ingredients like candy melts are great at being used in a variety of ways to decorate other baked goods. Candy melts can be poured into molds for decorative toppers, used as candy coatings, and drizzled on top of other products. One thing you absolutely do not want to forget is your supply of piping bags. These are instrumental in decorating many of your treats, so you will want to pick these up as bulk baking supplies.

Assorted Flavors of Fillings

Your bakery would definitely benefit from having an assortment of dessert fillings for your baked goods. These ingredients are incredibly helpful to have around when you are looking to make a variety of baked goods quickly and efficiently. All you have to do is create a large amount of pastries and fill them with different flavors of filling. You can go with classic fruit fillings like peach, cherry, and apple, or dairy-based fillings like Bavarian cream or cream cheese. These add a beautiful burst of flavor to lots of baked treats such as turnovers, pies, danishes, or donuts. A handful of carefully selected dessert fillings can go a long way in quickly adding flavor to your pastries.

Baking Mixes

Pre-measured baking mixes are life savers in the kitchen. They allow you to prepare some of your most popular products much more efficiently on a daily basis. Having your most needed baking mixes on your shelves at all times is a great way to cut down on the amount of time you spend mixing your basic baking ingredients to create popular products like chocolate cake, brownies, blueberry muffins, etc. You can whip up your batters in no time and have them in the oven much sooner than you would if you had to measure all of the ingredients one at a time. Stover & Co has a diverse range of baking mixes for different products and flavors, so you will be able to find mixes for your kitchen’s most popular products here. These are also great bakery supplies because they ensure consistency among your batches. Since the bases for them are all the same, you can count on each batch of cookies or cakes to come out the same high-quality every time. These are wholesale baking supplies you definitely want to buy in bulk so you never run out.

Bakery Packaging Supplies

A bakery would not be able to get very far without the right packaging to present its baked goods to the customers. When shopping for bulk baking supplies, it is easy to become so focused and fixated on the ingredients that you forget about many of the other materials that are essential for running a bakery. You need an assortment of bakery packaging in bulk quantities in order to keep up with all of your orders. Look at cupcakes as an example. To sell cupcakes at your shop, you need to have bulk supplies of the baking cups they are made in and appropriate paper or plastic containers that will fit a dozen or half a dozen cupcakes. For all of the baked goods your shop produces, you will need packaging to hold everything safely and securely so that nothing gets damaged in transit. Shop around our store for bakery boxes, assorted plastic containers, napkins, and paper or plastic bags. If your kitchen often produces larger cakes for special occasions, you will also want to order some cake drums which help in supporting your cakes. As you shop for bulk baking supplies, be sure to look beyond the ingredients alone.

Stover & Company is proud to supply so many businesses with the wholesale baking supplies they need to perform their best on a daily basis. We keep a huge selection of products across categories, so chances are, if your kitchen needs particular bulk baking supplies, we will have them right here waiting for you. Browse our online store and find the supplies your kitchen is currently missing. 


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