Get These Essential Cake Baking Supplies Here!

Hopefully, you’ve never run out of one of these critical ingredients at the last moment while you were already deeply invested in a baking project. That happens to casual bakers more often than most of them would like to admit, but for a professional baker, a well-stocked pantry and well-organized kitchen are two closely guarded keys to success. Make sure your shop is well stocked with these essential cake baking supplies, and some extra to spare.


Flour is the cornerstone of baking. Only a few select baked goods and confections like chocolates, meringues, and fudges don’t have any flour in them, and even some recipes for these treats do. There’s hardly a cake, cookie, brownie, shortbread, or even butter tablet out there that doesn’t rely on baking flour, and all flours are not created equal. Here at Stover & Company, we offer not only clear flour but also semolina flour, gluten-free flour, cookie & pastry flour, cake flour, and even cornmeal, along with other flours. Each flour is milled to a specific fineness and density to suit it for a specific use; call us for more details and we would be glad to go over some of the fine points with you.


Just as no two flours are created equal, the same could be said about sugar. Sugar isn’t just sugar. There are many different types of sugar that are produced and processed specifically for unique purposes. For example, white granulated sugar is typically made by spinning cane sugar through a centrifuge to remove the molasses from it. This sugar then goes on to be used by bakers to make doughs and batters. Brown sugar is often available in different grades although often only in the form of light and dark brown sugar; as it retains some of the sharp flavor of molasses, it is more suitable for different recipes from white sugar. At the same time, we also sell finer confectioner’s sugar and fondant sugar for making icing, candies, and fondant, respectively.

Baking Powder and Baking Soda

Flour and sugar together are indispensable to the kitchen of a baker, but so are baking powder and baking sugar, and if you were wondering, these two ingredients are not the same.

Baking powder has baking soda in it and is usually a mixture of baking soda, cream of tartar, and occasionally cornstarch. It is a leavener that acts as a rising process in the dough and can be used to make lighter, fluffier cakes and cookies. As some of you may know, cream of tartar and cornstarch are two secret ingredients that bakers sometimes use to give cakes and cookies a creamier, more satisfying mouthfeel.

Baking soda, on the other hand, is a chemical known as sodium bicarbonate, which is combined with an acidic ingredient to create the rise in your dough or batter; however, too much baking soda is bitter, so it’s important to follow the protocol of a recipe as precisely as possible.

Butter, Shortening, and Oil

Butter, shortening, and oils are critical ingredients in any recipe and can make a huge difference between a batter or a dough that is too dry and one that is ideally moist and satisfying. Many recipes call for butter, but some recipes call for shortening because it contains no moisture and can make batters that yield softer or chewier results. At the same time, the addition of baking oils to some cake and brownie batters can make a huge difference in the suaveness of the finished baked goods as well as its moisture content.

Flavorings and Spices

If it weren’t for flavorings and spices, nearly all batters would be different shades of the same color; but extracts and spices can add a whole dimension of new flavors to cookies, cakes, candies and more.

Our collection contains not only colorings to put a personal touch on your cakes and confections but exotic spices as well as extracts to give your baked goods additional depth and unmistakable character.

Decorating Supplies

No cake or cookie is finished until it receives the final touches of decoration from a practiced hand. Whether you decorate your cakes and cookies with homemade frosting or icing, seal your cakes with fondant or add sprinkles or sanding sugar to your cookies, you can find a little bit of everything here on our site - and if not, give us a call and we’ll help put you in touch with what you need.

On that note, it is not only our vastly comprehensive collection of cake baking supplies that differentiates us but our level of customer service. We’ll help put you in touch with the cake baking supplies that you need, and we’ll even work with you to come up with a pricing scheme that works. Just give us a call to see for yourself; we treat every customer like family. Since care and attention are the secret ingredients in most baked goods, we like to start out on the right foot.


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