Candy Coloring vs. Gel Coloring What’s the Difference?

Did you know that water based coloring can seize your chocolate? That’s why it’s important to understand the difference between candy coloring & gel coloring. Candy coloring & gel coloring are specifically formulated to easily bind with their respective foods while retaining ultimate vibrancy. If you use the incorrect coloring, things may go south quickly!  

Gel coloring is water based & should be used for icing, whipped toppings, cake batters & general food coloring. As we mentioned, water based coloring should never be added to chocolate as it will seize. Gel coloring is made of corn syrup &/or glycerin which gives a more concentrated texture so less product is needed to create rich, vibrant colors. 

Candy Coloring has a liquid base that mixes easily with any fat-based ingredients meaning it’s specially formulated without water to easily color candy, chocolate & compound coatings. Candy coloring adds vibrancy to your chocolate, allowing  you to create custom colors making your treats uniquely yours. Be sure to add color gradually, just one drop at a time, until you reach your desired color! 

At Stover & Company, we carry several trusted brands to give your sweet treats a pop of color! 

Chocolate Chameleon:

Reach your fullest color potential with Artisan Accents Chocolate Chameleon Candy Colors. Available in 11 colors, these vibrant candy colors are ideal for coloring chocolate & candy coating wafers.  Their highly concentrated & oil-based formula is fade-resistant & will not change the flavor or texture of your desserts. Plus they pair perfectly with our Stover’s Sweet Shoppe Ultra White Coating wafers! 

Colour Mill:

Colourmill Oil Based Coloring

To reach color-rich shades, Colour Mill Oil Based Coloring is the brand you are looking for. These colors are the ideal choice for chocolate, fondant, ganache & so much more. Colour Mill offers a wide range of colors from bright to pastel. 




Chefmaster offers BOTH gel coloring & candy colors in a variety of colors. Both lines are available in vibrant tones & shades, which can even be mixed if you want to experiment a little bit! Their candy coloring blends beautifully into chocolate & candy melts with just a few drops.

Now that you understand the difference between candy coloring & gel coloring, you’re ready to start creating a world of colors!  

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