Are you ready to purchase your chocolate in bulk?

As a family owned & operated business, we understand that you’re constantly looking for ways to cut costs for your business. Stover & Company is here to help with our large selection of industry quality products at affordable prices. 

The best way to keep your business costs down, is buying your ingredients in bulk. 

The word bulk can be defined differently depending on who you ask. So when do you know it’s the right step for you? 

Ask yourself these questions:

Am I often running out of my favorite ingredients or products? 

Am I spending more on shipping than I need to?

Can I afford to invest more in my supplies & inventory?

Do I have proper storage for bulk chocolate?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, buying in bulk may be the next step for you!

At Stover & Company, we specialize in bulk chocolate & are here to help you navigate the volume you require. Whether it's couverture or compound chocolate, we have what you need in all of your favorite brands like Callebaut, Merckens & our inhouse brands Sweet Shoppe & Eleven o’one!

When buying in bulk, it’s important to keep in mind if the items you're purchasing are perishable goods. The shelf life of chocolate is often over 12 months. You will find a batch number & best by date printed on all of our chocolate. Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean you should be storing your chocolate for long periods of time. Having a long shelf life might make buying bulk chocolate seem like the right answer, but unless you're going through it quick enough, it might not be the solution you're looking for.

Since environmental changes can affect the quality of your chocolate & compound coatings, we recommend storing them for no longer than three months. Changes in temperature & humidity can & will affect the structure of these products causing melting & fluidity issues. 

If you find yourself going through cases & cases of chocolate every couple of weeks, we absolutely recommend going the bulk chocolate route. As long as you will be using it consistently, without your chocolate sitting in storage for long periods of time, you should not run into storage troubles.

As a wholesale chocolate provider, we know how to properly store chocolate. Here are some tips to help protect your chocolate products whether you're purchasing in bulk or small batches.

If purchasing in 1lb, 5lb or 10lb bags, your chocolate or coating wafers will come in an aluminum bag with a resealable zip top. If purchasing in 22lb or 25lb increments, you will receive your chocolate by the case. 

Our aluminum lined bags are made of a high quality material that is proven to keep moisture out & protect the integrity of our chocolate or coating wafers. The best way to store chocolate in these bags is to let all the air out of the bag & seal it tight before storing in a cool, dark place with less than 50% humidity.

If you are purchasing cases of chocolate we recommend the following tips:

Keep your chocolate in the blue liner or moisture resistant bag it comes in & dispose of the cardboard box.
Get an airtight container (preferably with a rubber or silicone seal under the lid) & slide your blue bag inside. 
Try & twist the air out of the blue bag before closing the container lid.

Store your airtight container in a dark, cool place with less than 50% humidity. Even if you do store it correctly, keeping it for longer than 3 months can still affect the quality. Your chocolate can start to pull moisture from inside the bag or container.

We have been servicing the bakery industry for 75 years & are proud to offer competitive prices. Our B2B structure allows us to offer wholesale prices directly to consumers so that everyone can have access to great prices, no matter the size of your business

We do offer business accounts for high volume sales customers. So if you're ready to take the leap and purchase bulk chocolate, contact Stover & Company today to set up a business account to take advantage of wholesale chocolate pricing via phone 724.274.6314 or email 



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