Eleven o'One Seventy Dark Couverture Chocolate

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eleven o' one couverture chocolate seventy dark

Our Belgian Dark Chocolate is smooth and rich with a strong cocoa flavor, sweet fruity notes & a balanced bitterness. Our seventy dark couverture chocolate is a medium fluidity lending itself to various applications, including glazing, flavoring, enrobing & molding.

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Seventy Dark Couverture Chocolate Nutritional Info by Eleven o'one at Stover & CompanySeventy Dark Couverture Chocolate Nutritional Info by Eleven o'one at Stover & Company

This couverture chocolate product contains cocoa butter & requires tempering.

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“Excellent melting with a strong chocolate taste. Very nice sheen on the candy!”


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project ideas

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Couverture Chocolate is a higher-quality baking chocolate because it contains a higher percentage of cocoa solids & cocoa butter. Try all five flavors today!

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Delectable Truffles 

Chocolate Ganache Truffles are quality treats that are easy to make! Use this simple recipe to gift to someone else or yourself. You don't need a reason to celebrate with truffles! 

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Don't be fooled by their metallic appearance, these chocolate morsels are made of pure Belgian Chocolate so they melt in your mouth. 

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