Merckens Super White Chocolate Wafers

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Merckens Super White Chocolate Wafers
cf-679a super white

Since 1921, Merckens has been a trusted name for premium chocolate retail confectioners around the country and is a favorite in many circles. Merckens Bulk Superior White Chocolate Wafers are a premium chocolate wafer beloved by confectioners everywhere for their superior flavor, smooth consistency, and ease of use. They’re great on their own as a snack, but can be easily worked into a recipe for enrobing, molding, and dipping, along with other uses.

Merckens white chocolate wafers are easy to use, requiring no tempering when melting or molding, freeing you from the trouble of using other white chocolates that could seize or bloom. With candy coatings like these, adding a bright white coating to your chocolate treats will be easier than it’s ever been!