Eleven o'One Chocolate Sample Kit Two

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eleven o' one couverture chocolate sample kit two | dark blend

Our Eleven o'one Sample Kit Two features a sampling of our dark couverture chocolates. Fifty Five Semi-Sweet, Sixty Dark & Seventy Dark provide a range of cocoa contents. This kit contains 1lb of each variety, providing the perfect amount of product to test your chocolate confections.

What's Included:
- eleven o'one fifty five semi-sweet couverture chocolate - 1 lb
- eleven o'one sixty dark couverture chocolate - 1 lb
- eleven o'one seventy dark couverture chocolate - 1 lb

Looking for less cocoa content? Try our Eleven o'one Sample Kit One featuring Thirty Three White, Thirty Five Milk & Fifty Five Semi-Sweet Chocolate for a lighter flavor profile.

This couverture chocolate product contains cocoa butter & requires tempering.

“I was in the chocolate business for over 20 years, so I was interested in sampling these products. Very smooth texture & mouth feel! Each was unique given the cocoa solids & I have to say very good flavor for each!”


eleven o'one customer

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