WHIP N ICE Concentrate Base - 30lb

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WHIP N ICE Concentrate Base - 30lb

Flavor Right’s cost-effective Concentrate Topping Base is a profit builder with the kind of flexibility that allows you to create your own signature desserts with style. It’s so easy to use—just add 1 part water, heavy cream, milk or condensed milk to 2 parts topping base. Mix in fillings, fruits or liqueurs to add a unique flavor twist. However you mix it, Concentrate Topping Base creates a very creamy, highly stable topping, so you can have complete confidence that your desserts will taste fabulous and look impressive every time. 

Due to the nature of frozen goods, Stover & Company is currently unable to offer frozen goods for online purchase. Please contact our customer service department at 724.274.6314 if you are local to the Pittsburgh region and would like to place an order for these items. 


Whip N Ice Concentrate Base

Concentrate Base Nutritional Info by Whip N Ice at Stover & CompanyConcentrate Base Nutritional Info by Whip N Ice at Stover & Company
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