Sodium Free Whirl Butter Flavored Oil - 1Gal/3ct

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Stratus Foods
Sodium Free Whirl Butter Flavored Oil

Sodium-Free Whirl butter flavored oil is perfect for chefs who want to control the salt level in their recipes. It's an ideal replacement for unsalted butter in sauces, marinades and baking applications, and is excellent for use in low-sodium diets.

  • Use for Grilling, Sautéing and Pan Frying
  • Superb in Sauces, Roux and Marinades
  • Won't Scorch at High Cooking Temperatures Like Butter or Margarine
  • Maintains Great Butter Flavor Even in High Heat Applications
  • No Need to Clarify or Refrigerate
  • No Waste, 100% Useable
  • Up to Half the Cost of Butter
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