Reist Hi-Pop Tiny Popcorn - 50lb

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Hi-Pop Tiny Popcorn

Tiny Kernel Popcorn is made from several varieties of hybrids and is grown across the corn belt in Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Tiny Kernel Popcorn is made from the smallest most tender kernels. The kernels are small in size. Tiny Kernel Popcorn is used in snack food manufacturing, gourmet popcorn shops, distributors, and retail popcorn offerings. Tiny Kernel Popcorn pops into very small flakes and are very tender.

Kernels Size: Tiny; 100 – 120 Kernels per 10 grams
Expansion: 30-33 cc per 250 grams
Color: Yellow or White
Flake Color: Bright White or Yellow
Smell: Sweet and Fresh

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