Qualitech Raspberry Pell-ettes - 50lb

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Raspberry Pell-ettes
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Pell-ettes™ are designed to melt inside baked goods, creating a concentrated “puddle” of intense flavor and outstanding visual appeal. Pell-ettes™ are a carbohydrate-based, uniformly-sized berry alternative that can transport flavor, visual and textural appeal including fruits, jams, berries, brown sugar, syrups, icing and more:

With Pell-ettes™, you can avoid dealing with crop variances and uncertain commodity prices. Better yet, you enjoy year-round availability and consistent performance from batch to batch.

Ancient grains. Functional ingredients. All-natural. Non-GMO. Gluten-free. Value. Whatever your needs, QualiTech is here to help.

QualiTech inclusions for baked products span the spectrum from health-conscious to indulgent. With QualiTech, you have an endless combination of color, flavor and texture at your fingertips. You’re assured of stability, integrity and even distribution throughout your product to provide your customers with a consistently satisfying brand experience—with every bite and every purchase.

And you can deliver consistent color, flavor—and price—thanks to QualiTech’s unmatched quality assurance and year-round availability.

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