Korintji Cinnamon 2% - 10lb

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Korintji Cinnamon 2%

Indonesian Korintje cinnamon, Cinnamomum burmannii, is the type of cassia cinnamon that we in the US are probably most familiar with. Every part of the cinnamon tree can be used for something -- including the roots, bark, leaves, buds and flowers. Cassia cinnamon is native to Southern China. The dried scented bark of Cassia cinnamon is sold as whole sticks (also called "quills"), chips or most commonly ground.  

Depending on where its grown cassia cinnamon contains between .9% and 7% essential oil. Korintje cinnamon is typically between .9% and 3%. The essential oil is primarily cinnamic aldehyde (65% to 95%).

Indonesian cinnamon is called shan yue gui (Mandarin), shiwanikei (Japanese), falsa cunforeira (Portuguese) and canela de java (Spanish). It's also known as Korintje, Padang or cassia vera. 
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