Soy Flex Hymo Cake and Icing Shortening - 50lb

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Strartas Foods
Hymo Emulsified Cake and Icing Shortening 

Soy Flex is a domestic soybean based shortening that offers a creamier, more consistent texture, a wider temperature range and contains no tropical oils. Soy Flex, for shortening that's as smooth as silk and consistent from cube to cube. 

Hymo Soy Flex is an emulsified cake and icing shortening that allows the true flavor of baked goods to come through. Cakes are moist and delicious while icings are smooth and creamy.

  • Soybeans Grown in the USA
  • Superb Emulsified Cake and Icing Shortening that Produces High Volume, Moist Tender Cakes
  • Smooth, Light Stable Icings
  • Zero Grams Trans-Fat Per Serving


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