BensDorp Cocoa Powder 22/24 - 11lb

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Bens Drop
Cocoa Powder 
22 - 24% Fat

The 2 most important attributes of cocoa powder are its abilities to give color and flavor to a wide spectrum of food applications. With its world famous Bensdorp brand, Barry Callebaut has over 170 years of cocoa powder expertise. Building on the Dutch heritage, we developed a wide range of fine powders available in a variety of taste profiles and color intensities in both low and high fat contents – from light brown to deep dark red and black. Barry Callebaut works closely with its customers to identify the best powder according to the final application. Let the taste and color do the talking! See what our natural and dutch powders do for your bakery, desserts, drinks, confectionery and ice-cream or frozen foods applications!

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