Charlies Specialties Cutout Cookies

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Cutout Cookies (Shapes)
***Special Order Item***

A trans-fat free sugared cutout cookies flavored with vanilla. Available in various shapes. The unbaked cookies come with colored sugar crystals or plain ready to decorate. These colorful cookies are a great addition to any bakery or cookie tray. 

Flavor: Flavored with vanilla. Various shapes available.
Cutout Varieties: Bell, Helmet, Bunny, Flower, Heart, Round, Large Round, Pumpkin, Butterfly, Star, Tree, Oval, Shamrock, Maple Leaf, Mitten, Shirt/ Jersey

Sugared Varieties:
Pumpkin (Orange); Tree (Green)
Star (Red, Blue, Red/Blue Combo)
Heart (Pink, Red, Red/Pink Combo)
Bunny (Pink, Purple, Pink/Purple Combo)
Flower (Orange, Lime Green, Orange/Lime Green Combo)
Shamrock (Lime Green, Dark Green, Lime/Dark Green Combo)

Pack Size: 192/1.2 OZ and 192/1.35 OZ (Sugared)

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