BBS Flex Palm All-Purpose Shortening - 50lb

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Stratas Foods
BBS Flex Palm All-Purpose Shortening

We all know the issues with palm shortenings - they're hard to work with, not as creamy, not as white, and different in texture. That's why Stratas Foods, leader in innovation, developed a new process called "Flex Palm" that produces our zero grams trans-fat shortenings.

BBS Flex Shortening is a zero grams trans-fat all-purpose, unemulsified shortening used in a variety of baking applications such as cookies, pound cakes, pie doughs and donuts. BBS Flex provides consistency and maximum performance in every batch.


Features & Benefits:

  • Easier to work with over a wider temperature range
  • Smoothier and creamier
  • More consistent on a cube to cube basis
  • Zero Grams Trans Fat formula


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