Keystone Universal - Ammonium Carbonate - 5 lb

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Keystone Universal - Ammonium Carbonate - 5 lb

Description: "Baker's Ammonia", or ammonium carbonate, is a uniform high purity leavening agent, produced by a chemical reaction of ammonia, carbon dioxide and water. Ammonium carbonate is a product of exceptionally high quality and should not be confused with ammonium bicarbonate, which has a lower ammonia content.

Ammonium carbonate is a white crystalline powder which yields a strong ammoniacal odor. It decomposes into ammonia, carbon dioxide, and water at elevated temperatures. This unique property of complete decomposition into gaseous products at temperatures about 59 celsius is one of the the most important features of this product. Decomposition occurs slowly when ammonium carbonate is opened to the atmosphere, but increases significantly when exposed to higher temperatures normally used in the baking process. Ammonium carbonate can be dissolved in water at room temperature, which is a convenient way to add to dough even distribution. Product Storage: Ammonium Carbonate should be packed in airtight, light resistant packages. They should be stored in a cool, dry, well ventilated area. Temperature preferably should be kept at less than 90 Fahrenheit.

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