Domino Amerfond Fondant Sugar - 50lb

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Amerfond Fondant Sugar

micron-sized crystals of pure cane sugar are crystallized with invert sugar to produce white, free-flowing porous particles resistant to caking. It provides rapid wet-out in cold water with excellent extrusion quality, and generates an ultra-smooth cream center.

A wide range of Bakery and Candy Fondants, Icing Sugars, and Colored Confectioners Sugars can add value to a variety of baked goods or confectionaries. Our dry fondants’ ultra-fine particle size consistently gives finished products a smooth, creamy mouth-feel with no grit. For other candy applications, Candy - Pac®;Direct Tableting Sugar provides a unique formulation that acts as a solid base for hard sugar based candies. Icing Sugars yield a soft, velvety texture in icings and high quality glazes. Colored Confectioners Sugars Crystals can be added to a variety of products for further visual appeal, with a spectrum of colors available including custom options.

Fondant’s natural white color, flavor and functional properties complement an assortment of products including baked goods (icings, glazes, confections), confections (cream centers, caramels, cordials, fudge and glazes), and other applcations (frosted cereals, frozen deserts, and sweet snacks). Candy - Pac®;Direct Tableting Sugar is perfect for mints, sours, sweeties, or tablets. Colored Confectioners Sugars make the perfect accent piece to bake in or apply as topping for bakery, confections, and novelty frozen deserts.
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