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Stover's Sweet Shoppe Tuxedo Bundle

Are you looking to make elegant and chic chocolate-dipped treats? Stover's Sweet Shoppe Tuxedo Bundle is just the thing for you!

Dark & White chocolate melts plus a little bit of sparkle make this bundle award-worthy. Stover's Sweet Shoppe Ultra White stands out next to the dark black chocolate wafers. Add in a little bit of White Pearl Tinker Dust for a crystal-like shimmer. The ultimate compound chocolate melts for glitz & glam.

What's included:
- Stover's Sweet Shoppe Dark Coating Wafers - 5 LB
- Stover's Sweet Shoppe Ultra White - 5 LB
- Stover's Sweet Shoppe Milk - 5LB
- Bakel Tinker Dust - White Pearl
- 100 Lollipop sticks - 6 inch

Ideal for:
- Chocolate coating for cake pops
- Chocolate for cakesicle molds
- Chocolate for candy molds
- Chocolate covered strawberries
- Chocolate covered Oreos
- Chocolate covered marshmallows
+ more

For best results, melt Stover's Sweet Shoppe Coating Wafers in a microwave safe plastic container in the microwave. Stir until smooth, careful not to overheat. To add color, shake the Chefmaster Black Candy Coloring and add a few drops into the melted chocolate. Add more until you reach your desired color. 

“love that i could get a little amount of a few different things all in one bundle!”


Stover's Sweet Shoppe Customer

project ideas

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Whether you use the mirco or a double boiler, slow & steady is the key to melting our coating wafers for your projects. 

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