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Stover's Sweet Shoppe x Chocolate ChameleonStover's Sweet Shoppe x Chocolate Chameleon

Full Collection Mega Bundle

Stover's Sweet Shoppe x Chocolate Chameleon Full Collection Mega Bundle
Can't get enough of Artisian Accents's Chocolate Chameleon Candy Colors? This is your chance to purchase the entire color collection PLUS 25lbs of our Stover's Sweet Shoppe Ultra White - the perfect pair to create any chocolate color you can imagine! With this Bundle, you'll have everything you need to create endless treats in endless colors. Use the 12 colors as they are, or offer your customers an array of custom colors to match company logos, school colors, event decor & so much more.

What's included:
- Stover's Sweet Shoppe Ultra White Wafers - 25 LB
- Chocolate Chameleon 2oz - Black
- Chocolate Chameleon 2oz - Red
- Chocolate Chameleon 2oz - Orange
- Chocolate Chameleon 2oz - Yellow
- Chocolate Chameleon 2oz - Green
- Chocolate Chameleon 2oz -Teal
- Chocolate Chameleon 2oz - Blue
- Chocolate Chameleon 2oz - Violet
- Chocolate Chameleon 2oz - Pink
- Chocolate Chameleon 2oz - Brown
- Chocolate Chameleon 2oz - White
- 500 Sticks

Full Retail Value: $163.00

Ideal for:
- Chocolate Covered Caramels
- Candy Apples
- Caramel Apples
- Gourmet Candies
- Cakepops
- Cakecicles
+ so much more

Merckens Milk Chocolate Wafers
CF-668A Cocoa Lite

Merckens chocolate wafers are ideal for enrobing, dipping and molding, and many other decorating purposes, both for cakes, other baked goods, and a large number of sweet treats. They’ve been a trusted favorite for almost a hundred years - since 1921!

These Merckens wafers are made from compound chocolate, meaning that there is vegetable oil in place of the cocoa butter found in couverture chocolate. As a result, they are easy to melt and mold, with no need for tempering. You don’t have to worry about blooming with Merckens compound chocolates!


See individual product listings for full nutrition information. 

Chocolate is sensitive to humidity. Please keep the chocolate in its original packaging for proper storage. If you purchased a bag of chocolate, please tightly close the freshness sealer on the bag. If you bought a 25 LB box, please keep your chocolate in the blue bag it comes in and then place that entire bag in an airtight storage container. The blueliner provides a moisture barrier.

Chocolate Chameleon should be used for coloring Chocolate, candy & any fat/oil based confections where any water would affect the mixture. 

“I was very impressed with the vibrance of the Chocolate Chameleon colors! They pair perfectly with Stover's Sweet Shoppe Wafers. This is an amazing collaboration & I look forward to working more with these colors!”


Stover's Sweet Shoppe Customer

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Chocolate Cakecicle Product IdeaChocolate Cakecicle Product Idea

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Whether you use the mirco or a double boiler, slow & steady is the key to melting our coating wafers for your projects. 

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With 11 color options, Chocolate Chameleon Candy Colors allow you to create custom Chocolate colors!

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Water based color can seize your chocolate. That's why we're broken down the difference between candy color & gel color.