C&H Easy Fond - 50lb

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Easy-Fondant Sugar

A dry fondant sugar that produces high-quality cream centers, pan centers and cordials. Contains 3% invert with no added corn starch. Great for fine-grained fudges and caramels. High-quality results, simple to use.

Fondant’s natural white color, flavor and functional properties complement an assortment of products including baked goods (icings, glazes, confections), confections (cream centers, caramels, cordials, fudge and glazes), and other applcations (frosted cereals, frozen deserts, and sweet snacks). Candy - Pac®;Direct Tableting Sugar is perfect for mints, sours, sweeties, or tablets. Colored Confectioners Sugars make the perfect accent piece to bake in or apply as topping for bakery, confections, and novelty frozen deserts.
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