What is Durum Wheat?

Wheat is one of the most commonly consumed grains worldwide as it is used to create many different types of flours & grains for bread, pasta & other delicious foods. Durum wheat is the second most cultivated species of wheat in the world. Durum Wheat is typically planted in the spring & harvested in the fall. It’s well adapted to the hot & dry conditions surrounding the Mediterranean sea. The flour made from Durum Wheat is high in protein & often used in foods like pasta & baked goods. Because it’s high in dietary fiber, protein & iron, various types of flour are milled from durum wheat. Including semolina, whole-wheat durum flour, white durum flour & bulgur wheat.


In its true form, Durum Wheat produces the needed amount of gluten required for pasta & bread to have the proper texture. While still offering a high elasticity level, making it preferable for creating fresh pastas like spaghetti, ravioli, & linguini.  Home pasta makers often prefer working with durum flour as opposed to semolina, as it is easier to work with — durum flour mixes perfectly with water to form a nice smooth dough. 

Durum flour, obtained by grinding & carefully sieving organic grains, has a finer grind than semolina. Contemporary production methods make it possible to preserve the essential wheat germs & nature's  potency. Thanks to the environmentally friendly paper packaging, the flour can breathe, retaining its beneficial properties for a longer time. The tightness and air permeability of the package allows the product to retain its nutrients. 

Durum flour is ideal for making pasta, thin crust pizza, aromatic bread & ciabatta.  The dough made from durum wheat flour turns out to be resilient & elastic & thanks to the grain's amber color, it acquires a pleasant creamy shade. Bread made with Durum Flours tends to be yellowish-coloured, have a taste distinct from breads made with other flours, & have a longer shelf life.


So, where can you buy durum flour? Here at Stover & Company of course! 

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